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What I like is helping the young generation from a global overview. […] Visiting schools and talking to young businessowner to share my experience allows to demonstrate that even by starting from nothing, we can work in business and then in Fashion. I am a businessman at first, a sales representative who has done thousands of kilometers on the road.
This experience allowed me to build myself and to become a multipurpose person with a complete vision learned on the job.
This is all I want to handover; reality, something concrete.

Michaël AZOULAY, Founder and CEO American Vintage

Unsere Geschichte

American Vintage is the story of honest fashion expressed in a familiar language: an ode to simplicity whose distinctive hallmarks – nuanced pastel tones, delicate materials and minimalist cuts inspired by the American school sportswear wardrobe – pronounce a foreword of modernity.
Created in Marseille in 2005 by Michaël Azoulay, who traveled extensively throughout the United States to find inspiration and shape the brand identity, American Vintage is now a benchmark in terms of impeccably cut and perfectly fitting basics that everyone loves.
The brand values: a passion for fine workmanship, caring, sincerity, an eye for detail that makes all the difference and the right balance of ease and elegance.
Today, joining American Vintage means participating in the expansion of effortless French chic and undergoing a human-scale experience at the heart of a large family of nearly 700 employees and 1,500 points of sale worldwide.

Our spirit: Highlight on simplicity

American Vintage is the story of authentic fashion that suits all types of personalities. It is an ode to simplicity whose distinctive codes open the door to a contemporary style.
The brand’s trademark style is underpinned by casual cuts and a nuanced colour range. The use of natural materials, quality feel of fabrics and vintage treatment give depth and life to the pieces. The meticulous craftsmanship produces a truly sensory experience.
The American Vintage collections mix fashion and emotions, creating the perfect link between the seasons and generations.

Serious yet authentic designs with a light touch

In 2005, young Marseille entrepreneur, Michaël Azoulay, founded American Vintage. Inspired by his trips to the United States, he crafted the brand identity around freedom of spirit.
This visionary with unerring flair stamped his values into the DNA of American Vintage, including the love of a job well done, kindness, sincerity, attention to detail that makes all the difference, and the right dose of ease and elegance.
He launched a mini-revolution in the world of fashion, transforming the T-shirt from a daily essential into a collection piece.

American Vintage was founded in 2005 by Michaël Azoulay. Searching for an innovative concept, he drew his inspirations from his travels to the united states and took another look at the basic t-shirt. The collections have grown as the seasons passed by and they have been structured around increasingly stylish pieces. Year after year, American Vintage has been building a multifaceted wardrobe that breaks the rules and plays with daring mixes to suit all types of personalities.

2005: Launch of the American Vintage brand

After several trips to the United States, Michaël Azoulay drew on the infinite possibilities of cotton to launch a T-shirt line. The label was based on brushed cotton, roll-up and raw-cut hemlines, creating a characteristic loose fit.

2007: 1st store opening

The brand continued to expand, opening its first retail store in Marseille, the city where it all began, and launched its online store at

2008: Launch of the men’s collection and international development

This season was a turning point in the history of American Vintage with the opening of its first stores outside of France. The brand also launched a men’s line, solely focused on T-shirts.

2012: Lifestyle

American Vintage received the AMO award (workplace, architecture, environment) for its new offices, designed by Marseille Architect, Yvann Pluskwa.

2013: Launch of the accessories collection

The collections continued to grow with the arrival of an accessories line for men and women. Handbags, backpacks and clutches took their place in the American Vintage wardrobe.

2015: American Vintage celebrates its 10-year anniversary

For its ten-year anniversary, American Vintage left its mark by developing a unique collection, designed in collaboration with 10 French designers.

2016: Launch of a sportswear capsule collection

The brand opened a new chapter by launching its own sportswear line for women, offering lightweight and all-purpose technical pieces that match with the everyday wardrobe.

2017: Launch of the loungewear line

American Vintage drew on its know-how (light, comfortable materials and second-skin T-shirts) to launch a loungewear range for men and women, striking the balance between homewear and underwear.

"The day to day work at AMV is like an adventure.
You can outgrow and rise above the Tasks."

Maike MAEZLER, Store Manager Hamburg

“Ich bin jetzt seit über 2 Monaten bei American Vintage und muss sagen, dass ich sehr zufrieden bin. Ich wurde gleich herzlich aufgenommen und durfte feststellen das hier Freundlichkeit und Menschlichkeit eine große Rolle spielen. Menschlichkeit eine große Rolle spielen. Ich bin mehr als froh hier angenommen worden zu sein, und hoffe auf eine erfolgereiche, lange Zukunft bei American Vintage.“

Amira KHALFAOUI, Store Manager Dusseldorf

“I’ve been with American Vintage since 2.5 years now, where I got the opportunity to open the shop in Cologne. I have since grown then with American Vintage, where I also have the opportunity to experience a new city and work in Düsseldorf. Also, what I like the most with American Vintage is that, we get to be our own visual merchandising, and not just ‘selling’ ”.

Olivia TJUATJIA, Assistant Store Manager Dusseldorf

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