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American Vintage

American Vintage

Un mensaje de nuestra parte:

What I like is helping the young generation from a global overview. […] Visiting schools and talking to young businessowner to share my experience allows to demonstrate that even by starting from nothing, we can work in business and then in Fashion. I am a businessman at first, a sales representative who has done thousands of kilometers on the road.
This experience allowed me to build myself and to become a multipurpose person with a complete vision learned on the job.
This is all I want to handover; reality, something concrete.

Michaël AZOULAY, Founder and CEO American Vintage

Nuestra historia

American Vintage is the story of honest fashion expressed in a familiar language: an ode to simplicity whose distinctive hallmarks – nuanced pastel tones, delicate materials and minimalist cuts inspired by the American school sportswear wardrobe – pronounce a foreword of modernity.
Created in Marseille in 2005 by Michaël Azoulay, who traveled extensively throughout the United States to find inspiration and shape the brand identity, American Vintage is now a benchmark in terms of impeccably cut and perfectly fitting basics that everyone loves.
The brand values: a passion for fine workmanship, caring, sincerity, an eye for detail that makes all the difference and the right balance of ease and elegance.
Today, joining American Vintage means participating in the expansion of effortless French chic and undergoing a human-scale experience at the heart of a large family of nearly 700 employees and 1,500 points of sale worldwide.

Hola, Soy Stefane, francés viviendo en Barcelona desde el año 2000. Entre en
American Vintage en julio 2017 como Encargado de nuestra tienda Flagship de
Barcelona - Rambla Catalunya 118.
Al año, AMV confió en mí y me promocionó como Referente/ Formador en
Producto y Visual Merchandising!!!
Sigo de Encargado en la tienda de Barcelona El Born, pero también como
referente: visito y formo a los equipos de los otros puntos de venta de mi
zona y también apoyo en los montajes de las nuevas aperturas de tiendas...
Viva la AMV Experience!!!

Stefane FERRER, Store Manager Barcelona

Desde mi llegada a American Vintage el 15 de octubre de 2015 he podido
corroborar que AMV es el reflejo a un estilo de vida basado en lo natural,
la frescura y una elegancia simple y minimalista con la que me siento

Que es lo que más me gusta? La capacidad de llevar a practica y desarrollar mis habilidades en un
entorno de trabajo familiar.

Cual son tus mejores recuerdos? Entre mis mejores recuerdos, las reuniones de trabajo con compañeros en la
que uno tiene la posibilidad de aprender y desarrollarme sintiéndome parte
de una gran familia.

Mis prendas esenciales; los cárdigan, en todas sus versiones.

Yusmany LOPEZ, Store Manager Madrid

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    Deep in the middle of the fields, we have lost all notion of time. Maybe it’s October or perhaps it’s already November. The only thing we know for sure is that there are two of us. Two of us in this huge house that’s very di cult to heat but also very comforting. It’s 4:32 a.m.
    No longer time to sleep. The sun should be rising soon. I remember the crazy evening that spilled over into the night. Succumbing to dizzying spells of sweetness, I wait for this rising sun and its rays that will glide over my skin. That’s when I see her in a soft cotton sports bra and shorts, snuggled under a thick cardigan. She comes down the stairs barefoot. The cup of co ee is steaming. One sip and the day can begin.

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