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American Vintage

American Vintage

Message from us :

What I like is helping the young generation from a global overview. […] Visiting schools and talking to young businessowner to share my experience allows to demonstrate that even by starting from nothing, we can work in business and then in Fashion. I am a businessman at first, a sales representative who has done thousands of kilometers on the road.
This experience allowed me to build myself and to become a multipurpose person with a complete vision learned on the job.
This is all I want to handover; reality, something concrete.

Mickael Azoulay, American Vintage Founder and CEO

Our history

American Vintage is the story of honest fashion expressed in a familiar language: an ode to simplicity whose distinctive hallmarks – nuanced pastel tones, delicate materials and minimalist cuts inspired by the American school sportswear wardrobe – pronounce a foreword of modernity.
Created in Marseille in 2005 by Michaël Azoulay, who traveled extensively throughout the United States to find inspiration and shape the brand identity, American Vintage is now a benchmark in terms of impeccably cut and perfectly fitting basics that everyone loves.
The brand values: a passion for fine workmanship, caring, sincerity, an eye for detail that makes all the difference and the right balance of ease and elegance.
Today, joining American Vintage means participating in the expansion of effortless French chic and undergoing a human-scale experience at the heart of a large family of nearly 700 employees and 1,500 points of sale worldwide.

"Flourishing dynamic company! Since 3 years, I work at American Vintage; This is a young and dynamic company, full of resources and new ideas. Lots of sharing and internal communication with a line management available as soon as needed. AMV is very attentive with progression wishes at all level. Making our work a pleasure is the heart of their target."

Audrey Brun, Store Manager, Lille (France)

"Since I joined American vintage, I felt the real family who is always there for support, teach , guide ,laugh and joy. Been given a lot of credit from my senior managers and felt part of family so quick and I see the company goals and my store same as my personal life points and they are valuable for me because by growing the company I can grow too and this is what makes American vintage different compare to other companies."

Reza HOSSEINI, Store Manager London

"I started to work with this company almost two years ago, from part-time to full time to supervisor and now store manager; with this I want to say all your efforts will pay back, just trust in the company and the company will trust you. I feel like to be in a big family that is growing more and more."

Fabio CESONI, Store Manager London

"When I first discovered American Vintage clothing I was reminded of a Pre-Raphaelite style publicity campaign in the late 80’s by the UK brand Jigsaw which I’d absolutely loved.
The quality, comfort and the intense colors of fabrics and yarns, the feminine prints and fittings produced by American vintage made it my N°1 target for a career move back into the textile industry.
Despite no post being available when I applied, the MD gave me the opportunity to cover summer replacements in human resources, invoicing and purchasing before offering me a permanent position as a purchasing assistant.
I quickly became import manager and am currently in the position of Import Business Developer.
My current post involves relationships with suppliers, transport companies and I have frequent contact with the designers, the product department, the warehouse/logistics, departments and accounts.
If you’re the kind of person who invests in the company as if it’s your own, AMV offers the possibility to define your own career challenge and learn and grow in a family atmosphere and in an International context without necessarily having the relevant qualifications.
Currently In my seventh year with American vintage, the possibilities and responsibilities have grown with the company and I love the autonomy, the people and the products!
Not only the headquarters but the wholesale and retail networks offer a wide range of jobs for committed people.
AMV also promotes “strong body, strong mind” and has the best personal coach ever!"

Helen WALL, Import Business Developer

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    No longer time to sleep. The sun should be rising soon. I remember the crazy evening that spilled over into the night. Succumbing to dizzying spells of sweetness, I wait for this rising sun and its rays that will glide over my skin. That’s when I see her in a soft cotton sports bra and shorts, snuggled under a thick cardigan. She comes down the stairs barefoot. The cup of co ee is steaming. One sip and the day can begin.

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